Front Loading or Dirty/Clean Barrier Installation
Rotating or Dedicated Wash Nozzles
Rinse at Constant Temperature and Pressure
Modular Bottle Processing System

BW 60-Cap and BW 60-DD Bottle Washers have been specially designed and engineered for washing bottles used with Laboratory Animals Housing Systems.

All parts and components of the machine are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with adequate thickness and exterior trim satin. These machines are easy to install and need no special supplies or connections.

Access to the washing chamber is accomplished by lifting the upper cover for the BW 60-Cap, or by one of the two interlocked doors for BW 60-DD. Two interlocked doors are available in case the washer serves as passage through different containment zones. An electromechanical device prevents from accidental opening of the door during the cycle and/or stops the cycle in case of forced opening. The wash chamber can be kept in negative pressure for dirty/clean installation.

Two bottle baskets per cycle
Baskets available for any kind of bottle
Dedicated basket for nipples

Bottles 250/350ml
(bottles + nipples)
>4000/ bottles/day

Vapor Exhaust and Heat Recovery System

Exhausted vapors can be conveyed out of the building by means of dedicated ducts. A vapor exhaust blower can be supplied as an option.

For energy saving purposes, or in case vapors cannot be exhausted, the machine can be equipped with a heat recovery system.

The optional system reduces humidity and temperature of exhausted vapors to 18 - 20°C, thus allowing them to exhaust directly into the working area.

At the same time this system recovers heat and allows savings that will be used to reduce electric consumption for heating the washing water.

BW 60 Bottle Washers can be configured according to your safety hygiene protocols. Drinking bottles are a critical point for keeping desired health status of your animals. Any residue in the bottle that is not properly cleaned during washing may cause contamination or cross-contamination in an animal facility. Therefore bottle cleaning and sanitizing are the primary steps towards health control of animals.

BW 60 Bottle Washers are equipped with rotating upper and lower rods both for washing and for rinsing. Upon request lower dedicated wash nozzles can be installed.

Machines with dedicated nozzles both for rinsing and washing will perform dump cycles with laboratory glassware cleaning performance.

A filtering module with acidification pump can be included in your bottle processing system to ensure quality of drinking water refill.

Full Range of Options and Accessories

BW 60-Cap and BW 60-DD Bottle Washers can be equipped with a comprehensive range of options and accessories to create a unique bottle processing system:

Bottle Empty Module
Bottle Decapping System
Bottle Filling Module
Manual or Automatic Filling Head

All modules are available in multiple sizes in order to fit perfectly in your washing room.

Break Tank System - Rinsing at Constant Temperature and Pressure

This system, included in BW 60 series machines, ensures that rinse temperature (80 - 85°C) is maintained for the duration of the rinsing phase.

A solenoid valve and an upstream pressure balance system in the rinse water supply ensures that cold water is blocked, and cannot access the reservoir, during high temperature rinses. Thus, the only water for rinsing is the water contained in the tank, ensuring constant temperature during the entire rinsing phase. This system includes a booster pump, which ensures high pressure during all rinsing.

Rinsing is carried out through this system at constant pressure and temperature.

Standard and Optional Features

Standard Option
Main detergent dosing pump x
Rinse aid pump x
Break Tank System x
Drain Pump x
Heat recovery and vapor exhaust conditioning system x
Vapor exhaust blower x
Detergent level alarm system x
Bottle empty module x
Bottle Decapping system x
Bottle filling module x
Automatic filling system x
Water filtration and acidification x

Electric supply   400V 3+N+PE 50/60 Hz
Heaters   Electric
Water supply   2-4 bar - diam. 3/4" G

Overall dimensions open position   710 x 870 x H1990mm
Wash machine dimensions without handles in close position   624 x 740 x H1460mm

Custom models and configuration are available.
Detailed technical specifications are available upon request.
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