Oscillating Rods and Nozzles for Best Performance
High Flow and Pressure Rinsing
User Friendly, Energy/Water/Detergent Saving System
Configuration Dedicate to Rodent, Rabbit or Fish

The CBW-E180 Cabinet Washer has been developed for washing all equipment commonly used in animal research facilities. It is available in electric or steam-heated demountable versions for easier installation in narrow locations.

Single or two-door, clean/dirty models are available. An interlocking system assures that the isolation between clean and dirty side is maintained.

The wash chamber is smooth and self-cleaning. Separate washing and rinsing rods are powered by two independent circuits. Oscillating or rotating arms, equipped with stainless steel flat jet nozzles, are designed to cover all the wash surfaces.

The wash tank filters and pump filters can be easily removed for cleaning.

The washing chamber is separated into two levels.

T2L Cages / T2L Cage systems
>280 cages/ 150 systems per hour
>2200 cages/ 1200 systems per day
(cage system = cage + wire lid + filter top + enrichment)

Bottles 250/350ml
(bottles + nipples)
>6500 bottles/day

Control System

A "touch screen" is located on the electrical panel, and is designed to monitor machine status, both during operation and in case of alarm or fault.

Through the operator panel all parameters of the washing cycle can be set (temperatures, times, etc.) as well as operating conditions.

Once cycles are programmed, the machine will automatically manage all phases and will inform users of the status.

Oscillating Rod Nozzles Distribution and Wash Performance

The machine has a total of 130 nozzles: 70 washing nozzles and 60 rinsing nozzles. This machine requires no bottle presentation insert. The basic wash tray is suited to accommodate bottle baskets for washing. Two rods of rinsing nozzles are dedicated to each bottle basket: 10 nozzles per basket of 18 bottles. We consider rinsing the inside of bottles to be the critical point of the bottle washing cycle. It is essential to have an adequate number of rinsing nozzles with a bottle-effective position on the lower level as this will ensure that enough water is used to rinse the inside of each bottle.

The 35 washing nozzles and 40 rinsing nozzles at lower level of the CBW-E180 machine ensure optimum efficiency of washing and rinsing, especially inside cages and bottles.

Rinsing Water Boilers

The machine is equipped with two boilers for rinsing water. They are submerged into the cleaning solution in order to maintain wash tank temperature and avoid useless heat dispersion for better environmental efficiency.

Due to high capacity boilers the rinsing phase can be prolonged over one minute, and 30 liters of water.

Two large volume boilers enable the machine to perform dump cycles. Dedicated heaters ensure a reduced heating and cycle time.

Vapor Exhaust and Heat Recovery System

Exhausted vapors can be conveyed out of the building by means of dedicated ducts. A vapor exhaust blower can be supplied as an option.

For energy saving purposes, or in case vapors cannot be exhausted, the machine can be equipped with a heat recovery system.

The optional system reduces humidity and temperature of exhausted vapors to 18 - 20°C, thus allowing them to exhaust directly into the working area. At the same time, this system recovers heat and allows savings up to 4kW, which will be used to reduce electric consumption for heating the washing water.

Standard and Optional Features

Standard Option
Main detergent dosing pump x
Neutralizing dosing pump x
USB connection x
Vapor exhaust blower x
Rinse and sanitizing pump x
Drain Pump x
Heat recovery and vapor exhaust conditioning system x
Dedicated presentation trays x
Intermediate shelf x
Detergent trolley x
Detergent level alarm system x
Demountable version x
5,5kW or 7,5kW wash pumps x
PLC / BMS interface x

Electric supply 400V 3+N+PE 50/60 Hz
Heaters Electric or Vapor
Water supply 2-4 bar - diam. 1" G
Overall dimensions 1970 x 1080 x H1910mm (2270mm open door)
Wash chamber dimensions 1350 x 870 x H750mm

Custom models and configurations are available.
Detailed technical specifications are available upon request.
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