High Performance and Versatile Washer Series
Rinse at Constant Temperature and Pressure
Smallest Footprint an the Market

The CBW-E60 and CBW-E80 Cabinet Washers have been developed for washing all equipment commonly used in animal research facilities.

The wash chamber is smooth and self-cleaning.

Separate and independent rotating arms for washing and rinsing are designed to cover all the wash surfaces from the bottom and from the top of the wash chamber.

Due to the dedicated presentation trays and the intermediate shelf, throughput is the highest on the market for this size machine.

The wash tank filters and pump filters can be easily removed for cleaning.

T2LCages/T2L Cage systems
>100 cages/60 systems per hour
>800 cages/500 systems per day
(cage system = cage + wire lid + filter top + enrichment)
Bottles 250/350ml
(bottles + nipples)

Vapor Exhaust and Heat Recovery System

Exhausted vapors can be conveyed out of the building by means of dedicated ducts. A vapor exhaust blower can be supplied as an option.

For energy saving purposes, or in case vapors cannot be exhausted, the machine can be equipped with a heat recovery system.

The optional system reduces humidity and temperature of exhausted vapors to 18 - 20°C, thus allowing them to exhaust directly into the working area.

At the same time this system recovers heat and allows savings up to 4kW, which will be used to reduce electric consumption for heating the washing water.

Washers that Fit in the Footprint of a Sink

Small facilities may not have enough space for large washers, or large washers may exceed budgets and throughput needs.

CBW-E60 and CBW-E80 Cabinet Washers provide all the advantages of a professional and automatic washing process in the same space that you would use to wash by hand. At the same time, these Cabinet Washers are more ergonomic, result in less health issues, and provide better results!

The CBW-E60 has the smallest footprint on the market. With only 830mm width, this machine can fit in any available place or location.

The CBW-E80 provides maximum throughput in less than a one-meter space.

Both machines are available in EL configuration for the best economical investment.

Control System

The machine is controlled by means of an electronic board.

4 cycles can be preset and launched at your fingertips. All wash parameters can be setup according to user needs: water temperature, rinsing temperature, wash phase time, rinsing phase time, and neutralization phase time.

Status of the machine and cycle is continuously monitored and shown on the control panel. Ongoing phase and temperature are displayed continuously.

All alarms will be monitored on the control panel and error codes will allow immediate screening and reset of the system.

Break Tank System -
Rinsing at Constant Temperature and Pressure

This system, included in the CBW-E60 and CBW-E80 machines, ensures that rinse temperature (80 - 85°C) is maintained for the duration of the rinsing phase.

A solenoid valve and an upstream pressure balance system in the rinse water supply ensures that cold water is blocked, and cannot access the reservoir, during high temperature rinses. Thus, the only water for rinsing is the water contained in the tank, ensuring constant temperature during the entire rinsing phase. This system includes a booster pump, which ensures high pressure during all rinsing.

Rinsing is carried out through this system at constant pressure and temperature.

Standard and Optional Features

Standard Option
Main detergent dosing pump x
Neutralizing detergent dosing pump x
Rinse pump x
Rinse aid dosing pump x
Break Tank System x
Drain Pump x
Heat recovery and vapor exhaust conditioning system x
Dedicated presentation trays x
Vapor exhaust blower x
Intermediate shelf x
Detergent trolley x
Detergent level alarm system x

Electric supply 400V 3+N+PE 50/60 Hz
Heaters Electric
Water supply 2-4 bar - diam. 3/4" G
Overall dimensions 836 x 915 x H1890mm (2150mm open door)
Wash chamber dimensions 650 x 700 x H650mm
Overall dimensions 996 x 915 x H1890mm (2150mm open door)
Wash chamber dimensions 810 x 700 x H650mm

Custom models and configurations are available.
Detailed technical specifications are available upon request.
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