Incomparable Throughput
Best Wash Surface Coverage and Wash Performance
User-Friendly, Energy/Water/Detergent Saving System
Flexibility and Versatility

The rack washer is designed for washing conventional racks, IVCs, plastic cages, trolleys and cabinets, and other accessories used in a lab animal facility. Bottles may also be washed in the rack washer using a dedicated trolley with rotating arms.

The wash chamber is smooth and self-cleaning.

Wash and rinse circuits, piping and tanks, are completely separated.

The independent washing and rinsing rods are easy to maintain and keep clean, as their inner tubing is completely open on both sides in order to prevent any dirt from depositing into cavities or corners.

Oscillating arms, equipped with stainless steel flat jet nozzles, are designed to cover all the wash surfaces.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Our machines are developed to make everyday operations easy and comfortable.

Wash rods are open on both sides for thorough cleaning
The wash chamber filters are easily cleanable
Automatic back flush cleaning of Pump filters
Inspectable wash and rinse tanks

Cages / Cage systems type T2L
>1000 cages/hour
>8000 cages/day

>400 complete cage systems/hour
>3000 cage systems/day
(cage system = cage + wire lid + filter top)

Control System

10" Large touch screen with easy and intuitive graphics

Designed to monitor status of the machine, both during operation and in the case of an alarm or fault

Through the operator panel all parameters of the washing cycle can be set (temperatures, times, etc.), as well as operating conditions

Once cycles are programmed, the machine will automatically manage all phases and will inform users of the status

Incomparable Wash Surface Coverage

Dedicated oscillating rods for each cage row are covered by 170 wash nozzles and 80 rinse nozzles

A total of 10 washing rods - 5 on each side - are mounted in the washing chamber. Each washing arm is equipped with 14 - 17 washing nozzles.

Separate rinsing rods have a total of 10 arms - 5 on each side - are mounted inside the washing chamber. Each arm is equipped with 8 rinsing nozzles

No hidden points
Complete coverage of washed object surfaces
Shorter distance between nozzles and dirt guarantees excellent wash performances
Best coverage means less water per cycle

Best Performance = Best Washing Results

Wash performance is defined by a combination of success factors
Wash performance = pressure x volume x time

Due to our technology, our washers offer incomparable performance in terms of wash pressure and water volume sprayed on washing surfaces, thus significantly reducing cycle time

Simultaneous washing of right and left side banks cuts wash phase duration in half

Pressure at nozzle from 2,5 to 3 bars

1200 to 1800 liter/minute water volume sprayed on wash surfaces

Flexibility and Versatility of Use

The rack washer is designed to wash a large variety of items. Not only cages, but also racks, trolleys, cabinets, and bottles. Our rack washer has all the features necessary to program and manage multiple types of cycles according to your needs.

Special trolleys and manifolds are available to wash bottles thoroughly, as well as vertical and horizontal IVC plenums.

Upgrade Rack Washer with Decontamination cycles:
VHP, Chemical fogging, Air/Water/Vapor Thermal decontamination.

Reduce environmental impact by monitoring and controlling exhausted vapor, water and chemicals.

Standard and Optional Features

Standard Option
Main detergent dosing pump x
Second detergent dosing system x
Neutralizing dosing pump x
Rinse and sanitizing pump x
USB connection x
Vapor exhaust blower x
Detergent level alarm system x
Drain Pump x
Heat recovery and vapor exhaust conditioning system x
Waste water Temperature and PH control x
VHP on board or external connection x
Chemical decontamination x
Thermo decontamination x
AISI 316 construction x
Blowing and drying system x
AWS washing system x
Ethernet connection and remote monitoring x
Dedicate presentation trolleys x
7,5kW or 11kW wash pumps x
IVC connection manifolds x
Tilting floor x

Electric supply 400V 3+N+PE 50/60 Hz
Heaters Electric or Vapor
Water supply 2-4 bar - diam. 1" G
Compressed air <6Bar 1/2"G
Standard dimensions 2550 x 2413 x H2700mm
2550 x 2700 x H2700mm
Wash chamber usable dimensions 2260 x 1250 x H2250mm

Custom models and configuration are available.
Detailed Technical specifications are available upon request.
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