Multiple Cages Conveyor Belt Systems
High Pressure Wash
Maximum Throughput and Safe Sanitary Barrier
Automatic or Robotic Loading/Unloading Compatibility

TW Tunnel Washers, Electric or Vapor versions, have been designed to wash cages and equipment normally used in Animal Facilities when high throughput is needed.

Washers are modular and can be built according to specific requirements.

Standard Modules
Loading, Washing, Pre-rinsing and Rinsing, Unloading

Optional Modules
Prewashing, Additional Washing Module, Blowing and Drying

Loading and unloading can be automated or semi-automated, or can interface with the existing plant equipment.

TW Tunnel Washers are available with both continuous belt movement or indexing movement, thus adapting to throughput needs, robotics, or room layout.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Our machines are developed to make everyday operations easy and comfortable.

Wash rods are open on both sides for thorough cleaning
Wash chamber filters are easily cleanable
Automatic back flush cleaning of Pump filters
Inspectable wash and rinse tanks

Cages systems type T2L
up to 1200 cages/hour
or 750 cages/hour for indexing systems

Control System

10" large touch screen with easy and intuitive graphics is designed to monitor status of the machine, both during operation and in the event of an alarm or fault.

Through the operator panel all parameters of the washing cycle can be set (temperatures, belt speed, detergent concentration, etc.) as well as operating conditions.

Extended Wash Surface Coverage

Each wash module has a dedicated set of rods for a total of 160 wash nozzles. A total of 20 washing rods - 10 upper and 10 lower - are mounted in the washing chamber. Each washing arm is equipped with 8 washing nozzles.

Washing rods can be fixed, oscillating, or rotating according to the belt movement type and object's size and shape.

No hidden points, plus complete coverage of the surfaces of washed objects, guarantees excellent wash performances and quality results.

Modular Design

The TW Tunnel Washer is comprised by modules with dedicated functions:

• Prewash
• Main wash 1 and 2 (alkaline and/or acid)
• Pre-rinse / Rinse
• Blowing
• Drying

We will be glad to develop a custom machine that satisfies your washing needs.

Conveyor belt can be designed to meet loading needs of multiple equipment and shape. Conveyor belt standard width is 750mm or 1100mm. Adjustable speed of the belt gives flexibility for best washing performance of any kind of material: from rabbit to small mice cages in the same machine.

Flexibility and Versatility of Use

The washing chamber can be accessed through the sliding doors for inspection. The washing chamber is smooth and self-cleaning in order to avoid water or material residues. The washing tank is protected by filters that can be easily removed for daily cleaning.

The distribution of the washing solution and rinse water is accomplished by means of upper and lower washing rods. These rods are equipped with flat jet nozzles balanced in order to retain cages in their position on the belt without the need for additional mechanical aids. Water circulation inside the machine is engineered in order to limit water needs and heat losses.

Standard and Optional features

Standard Option
Indexing system x
Adjustable belt speed x
Dosing pump / module x
Double belt design x
Vapor exhaust blower x
Detergent level alarm system x
Drain Pump x
USB connection x
Heat recovery and vapor exhaust conditioning system x
Waste water temperature and PH control x
Thermo decontamination x
AISI 316 construction x
Blowing and drying system x
Ethernet connection and remote monitoring x

Electric supply 400V 3+N+PE 50/60 Hz
Heaters Electric or Vapor
Water supply 2-4 bar - diam. 1" G
Compressed air <6Bar 1/2"G
Standard belt width 750 or 1100 mm
Custom made belts available
Wash module standard length 2000 mm
Total machine length 7000mm to 13000mm

Custom models and configuration are available.
Detailed Technical specifications are available upon request.
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